Learn Bet Win is a website dedicated to educating punters, and giving them the tools necessary to bring their betting accounts from the RED into the BLACK.

My Premium Advisory Service launched in October 2013. The profit since launch until the end of May 2018, for the Premium Bets and the Festival Packages combined, which Premium Members also receive, is + 1,678 points, which is +€41,950 at the recommended €25 a point stakes, for an exceptional ROI of +18.7%. The figures quoted don’t include any BOG either. The recommended starting betting bank for €25 a point stakes is €3,500, so that’s a remarkable 1198% bank growth in just four and a half years.

 The service has an average of about 55 bets every month, emailed/texted to members between 9 and 12 every morning. As well as a monthly subscription membership, you can join and remain a member until a set profit target of 80 points has been reached. There is also an option of a Saturday Only membership.

I’m doing a special Royal Ascot 2018 – Tips and Analysis package. Previous festival packages have done exceptionally well, with a profit of +338 points, for an ROI of +39.6% over the nine festivals I’ve done.