My name is Declan Meagher and I’ve been a successful professional gambler for 16 years. I’ve wrote very successful tipping articles for RTE online, and have also made a few appearances on the Irish Independent’s Punters Platform Podcast.

In October 2013 I launched my Premium Advisory Service in which I email members my best bets each day. It has proved to be very successful, but not everyone has the time to to get bets on everyday, and for others bookie restrictions mean it’s just not possible for them to get on in the morning on smaller races. My bets are the result of form study combined with statistical analysis, and as such better class races suit me, as there is less unknown information. As you will see below my record in the better races with my Festival Packages is exceptional, and apart from those big festivals, almost all the good races are on a Saturday, so it makes sense to launch a Saturday only service, concentrating on the better races. The service started on Saturday the 7th of October 2017, and we got off to a flyer with Accidental Agent a 25/1 advised winner. I’ve published all the emails members received on the opening Saturday as a Saturday Service Sample, to let you know what to expect if you join up.

The value of the Saturday Service is more than just the advised bets and analysis, as seen in week 2, when I advised members to back Teruntum Star at 15.5 on the exchanges, and also Rufus King if he went above my min price of 19.66. Teruntum Star won, as did Rufus King at a Betfair SP of 22.79, so members should have made a very good profit on the extra advice.

The Premium Service profit since launch until the end of October 2017 is + 1,250 points, which is +€31,249 at the recommended €25 a point stakes, for an exceptional ROI of  +17.6%. The recommended starting betting bank for €25 a point stakes is €3,500, so that’s a remarkable 893% bank growth in  four years. My full results are proofed to the Secret Betting Club, and you can find full results for my Premium Service here.


Premium Advisory Service

Profit: +1,250 Points

ROI: +17.6%

Bank Growth after 4 Years: +893%

Profit at €25 a Point: +€31,249

I’ve had a dedicated Cheltenham Tips site for the past five years, and my tips have done fantastically well, with five winning years from five. This year I’ve also done an Aintree package, a combined Goodwood and Galway package, and more recently a York Ebor Festival package. After eight festival packages the profit to recommended stakes is +332 points, which would be +€8,300 if you were betting at €25 a point, for a remarkable ROI of +42%. You can find full results for my festival packages here. While an ROI that high wouldn’t be sustainable long term, it does back up my claim that the better races suit my type of analysis best.


Festival Packages

Profit: +332 Points

ROI: +42%

Profit at €25 a Point: +€8,300 

It’s easy to find free tips every day of the week, but it’s not easy to find free tips that are worth following. My track record as a professional punter, and my tipping record is extremely good. You just won’t get that level of expertise for free. Before you place any bet you need to be confident the horse has more chance of winning, than the odds suggest, some people are very good at this, some aren’t,  but once luck evens out, it’s the people who can assess probabilities accurately that will beat the bookies. If you want to maximize your chances of making money then sign up for my expert advice and tips using the Paypal buttons on the right.

What races will the tips be on?

The tips will be for UK and Irish racing, and include both Flat and National Hunt racing. While most of my betting is on the flat, my results at the big jumps meetings is very good, so during the winter the Saturday Service will concentrate on big NH handicaps, competitive graded action, as well as the higher class All Weather action. With the introduction of the All Weather series in recent years, there will be plenty of good class flat handicaps on Saturday’s during the winter. During the summer it will be almost solely flat racing covered, and Saturday’s tend to have almost all the weeks best races, apart from when there is a big festival midweek.

What time will the emails be sent?

The tips and analysis will be sent between 9 and 11am every Saturday. I will send each tip individually at the time I think is best so members will get the best price possible, along with the analysis behind the bet, and then once all the bets are sent, I will send an email with any other information I think might be useful.

What date did the Saturday Service start?

The Saturday Service started on Saturday the 7th of October. You need to have subscribed before 9am on any given Saturday to be on the list for all the tips that day, but if you subscribe after 9am you will still receive all the tips. If you subscribe anytime after racing on the Saturday your subscription will commence the following Saturday.

What info will the email have, and why should I subscribe?

Each tip will include my reasoning behind the bet, as well as a minimum price I think the horse should be backed at to the full advised stake. Once I’ve sent all the tips for that day, I will send anther email with any other thoughts or analysis I think might be of use. It could be for horses who I think are worth a bet on the exchanges, but the current bookie prices are well below the exchange price, or it could be a negative for some fancied runners.  There will very likely be races with more than one selection, as with such competitive markets, there should be plenty of value bets to be found. For a sample of the analysis you can expect, I’ve posted  a Saturday Service Sample which includes all the emails members received on Saturday October the 7th.

There is no guarantee of profits in gambling, and we certainly won’t win every Saturday, or even every month, luck plays a big part in short term results. That’s why all anyone can do is maximize their chances of making a profit, and I believe that with my long term record, you will be doing just that by subscribing to my email list. The fee is very cheap for the level of expertise you will be paying for, and I will be spending hours every day finding the best bets to pass on to you.

What will the staking advice be?

The stakes will be similar to my Premium Advisory Service. They will be between 1 and 8 points Win, or Each Way, and I won’t stake more than 8 points in any one race. The stakes will be based on the price, with the aim being to return around 20 points on the win part of the bet. For example a 6/4 shot would probably be a max 8 point bet, were as a 20/1 shot will be either a 1 point win, or 1 point each way bet. I will stake a bit higher on horses I think are better bets, and lower on ones I’m not as confident in.

Some tipsters advocate level stake betting, but this is extremely flawed. You should never be having the same stake on an average 20/1 shot, as a 6/4 shot. For more on correct staking read the articles in my Betting School. It’s entirely up to you to decide how much 1 point is. For some it will be €2, for others €100. It should be based on how much money you have for your betting bank. Remember don’t bet with money you can’t afford to lose.

How much will it cost?

The Saturday Service is €15 + VAT weekly via a Paypal subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Paypal account, so if you don’t want the service anymore, or if you just want to take a break for a few weeks, just cancel it, and you can sign back up anytime you want. If you live outside of the EU you don’t need to pay VAT, so please email me on and I’ll link you to a non VAT page.

The tips will be emailed from so ensure that your spam filter allows that email address. As an anti spam measure you will need to click the link in the confirmation email you get, to confirm you want to receive the emails. Any problems just email me. Your card will list LBW for the transaction which is the initials for this website Learn Bet Win and my Paypal account is in that name.

If for any reason there is no racing, or no tips on a Saturday, I will refund everyone for that day.

No sharing of information, and please don’t bet into weak exchange markets.

The information is for your own personal use, and is not to be shared without anyone else. While it is rarely a problem on better races on a Saturday, as most exchange markets are very strong, I also ask subscribers not to bet into any weak exchange markets straight after a tip is sent, as to do so will cause bookies to cut the price quicker.

 Join securely with Paypal. VAT is added on at checkout, so if you live outside the EU email me for a non VAT link.

Saturday Service

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