In Hit or Myth I’ll dissect the many media cliches relating to horse racing. Does Polytrack form really transfer well to Ascot as many have stated, do soft ground horses do better than fast ground ones on Fibresand? These and many more will be looked at to see if they’re a Hit or a Myth.


The Bounce Theory  – Hit or Myth

I take a look at the theory that horses who ran well last time, on the back of an extended break are more likely to bounce when returning quickly to the track.


Polytrack form works out particularly well at Ascot – Hit or Myth

This is one you’ll all have heard, stated with a degree of certainty that means it must be true, but is it?


Top national hunt horses run less than they used too – Hit or Myth

The general perception seems to be that the top jumps horses are running less than ever, I take a look at the evidence.


Hit or Myth – Irish trained NH horses are badly handicapped in the UK

Irish trainers have been very vocal over the years in their view that their horses are badly handicapped when they cross the water. The common argument was generally to do with the fact that they’re rated higher over there. It isn’t that simple however. Due to different WFA scales Irish horses start off on lower marks and thus remain lower, so its understandable that their rated higher in UK, but are they TOO high?

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