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My name is Declan Meagher and I’ve been a professional gambler for over 20 years. My Premium Advisory service launched on the 1st October 2013, with two membership options. One is a monthly subscription, while the other is that your membership lasts until a profit target of at least 80 points has been reached to recommended stakes. The profit since launch until the end of June 2024, for the Premium Bets and the Festival Packages combined, which Premium Members also receive, is + 2,921 points, which is +€73,025 at the recommended €25 a point stakes, for an exceptional ROI of +17.9%. The figures quoted don’t include any BOG either. The recommended starting betting bank for €25 a point stakes is €3,500, so that’s a remarkable 2,086% bank growth in just over ten years.

The premium service is selective, and has around 55 bets on average per month. Tips are sent between 8:30 and 11:30 daily. The exact amount will vary as I’m always researching new angles to stay ahead of the markets. Only horses that I’m very confident are good bets will be advised to members. Members getting on is important to me, and if at any stage prices are all going soon after I tip them, I will limit membership. Each tip will be sent separately to reflect when I think is the best time to back the horse. I will also offer the tips via text and this option will be a little dearer to reflect the extra costs. To help everyone get on, I have a strict, no betting on any betting exchanges for at least 30 minutes after the advice is emailed, so please don’t sign up if you don’t have any bookmakers accounts, as you won’t be able to make the most of the service. Full Results for the Premium Service are available and I update them regulary.

“We have proofed all of Declan’s Learn Bet Win tips since he began back in October 2013 and have been mightily impressed by the long-term profits he has made for those following him in. His ROI and ROC stats are exceptional and he offers strong customer service and good odds availability plus a very easy to follow approach. He is now one of our top-rated tipsters and a welcome member of our Hall of Fame”. Peter Ling of the Smart Betting Club

Cost: €150 for the monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime before the next one is due, or €500 for the 80 point profit target, pick whichever suits you best. Your card used for the purchase with have LBW listed on your statement, so nobody will know its gambling related. If you want the tips send via text as well, it will be €10 a month for the monthly subscription, and €15 extra for the profit target option.

Membership Duration: Your membership lasts until you cancel your monthly, or until a profit target of at least €2,000 to recommended stakes is reached,  if you pick that option. Your membership starts the day after you sign up. Profit Target members will get a free days tips, the day after they hit their target, to enable them to pay the renewal fee. The average profit target member actually makes about 86 points to recommend stakes, as 80 is the minimum, in reality we will very rarely hit exactly 80, and they then have a free day too.

Stakes: Stakes are on a scale of 1-8 points, with a recommendation of €25 a point. So the profit target is 80 points.

Profit Target Accounts: All bets will be recorded and settled at the best price a full 5 minutes after the email was sent, which will be with the bookies I use on Oddschecker, after including any rule  4 deductions. No best odds guarantee offers will be taken into account, so members who avail of them will be ahead of the official target, on the occasions when a winner is returned at bigger odds. Using the price 5 minutes after the email was sent, means every member with unrestricted bookie accounts, should be able to equal or beat the official target of 80 points profit. When bookies terms differ, I use the terms for the first bookie listed in the email. I don’t count the Festival Packages, which have been very successful, in the profit target results, so that’s an extra bonus for members too.

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New Member Offer – Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription – Previous Members

Premium Advisory Service – Profit Target

Why a profit target option, and how does it work?

Simple really. I want everyone who joins to make money, and renew their subscription for another profit target. A set duration could mean joining for a month when things don’t go our way. I also have every confidence in my ability to meet the targets, and it means you won’t have to pay for any more advice until the profit is €2,000 to recommended stakes. I will total the profit/loss figures for each member and if you want to know the exact figures at any time just email me. The profit target is recorded against the best price a full 5 minutes after the email was sent, and if in the case of rules 4’s or place terms differing, when more than one bookie was going the advised price, the bookie I add first in the email will be used for the results.

Each members total starts at zero, and they receive the tips until the 80 point target has been reached. I will notify you when that happens, and you can then decide if you wish to re join for a new target. For the avoidance of doubt all tips on the day will be counted before a target is deemed to be reached. So if your total was +70 points and we had a winner that gave a 12 point profit, followed by a bet later that day that had a 3 point loss. The Profit target will not be deemed to have been met, even though we were briefly +82 points. The total at the end of the day, +79 points will the one that counts. It is easy to keep track of your own specific target on the Premium Advisory Results page. If for example the overall profit since launch is +20 points the morning your membership starts, then you are a member until that total hits +100 points or more.

Should you pick Profit Target or Set Membership Duration?

It really is up to you. Since launch profit target and monthly members will have paid a similar amount in fees, but obviously in the short term one option could do much better than the other.

In reality with the profit target you will likely make more than 80 points if backing all the tips at advised prices, as it’s very unlikely the day you hit the target, that it lands exactly on 80 points. If say your profit was +77 points, and there was one recommended bet that day, 2 points at 10/1. If that wins you will have made 97 points for your profit target, and when you consider you will get one days tips free, before your new membership starts, the profit target might appeal the most.

When does my membership start?

If you join before midnight, you will be a member for the following day and thus receive that days tips. Anytime after midnight your membership won’t start until the next day.

Will there be tips everyday?

No. There will most days, but I will only advise a bet if I’m very confident that the horse has more chance of winning than the odds on offer. On some days there won’t be any horses who fit this criteria.

What information will my email/text have?

You will get an email/text with the time of the race, the name of the horse, and the price, as well as the bookies going the advised price, If more than 3, I’ll just list 3. I will add a note indicating what my minimum price is for a bet. This will be very helpful if you didn’t get a chance to back a horse when the email came through. The minimum price will be the price I required for the the bet to be a premium bet. If I make a horse a 4/1 shot, I would want 6/1 to be a premium bet. So if the horse is 7/1 I will advise at that price, but add 6/1 as the minimum price note. Obviously if the horse has come into 11/2 I would still consider it a good bet, just not quite good enough to recommend as a premium bet. Premium Member also receive any extra Festival Packages I do, and they have done extremely well in the past. I also send on extra bets on a Saturday, which can be horses who are over or near the min price on the exchanges, but haven’t hit it with the bookies.

100% Transparency – No Gimmicks or Tricks to try to make results look better than they are

I will be posting full results on the website each day, listing each bet, and the price advised, after deducting any rule 4’s. I will also update daily a results counter which shows the main, profit/loss and +- points stats. Short term results will vary, as always in gambling, but I’m confident of making long term profits, and unlike most tipsters I don’t mind making my full results accessible.

How will you know your individual profit/loss since you joined?

I will keep the date each member joined, and the current overall  profit/loss in a spreadsheet, which you can ask me for at any time, and your profit target will simply be the total when you joined +80 points. I will also notify you of the current total in your welcome email so it will be easy to keep track of.

How do I go about selecting horses to back?

I’m always reviewing races for horses I believe are better than the result, but that aren’t obvious to the general public. I’m looking for horses that I think will be under bet next time. I spend a few hours most days doing proper statistical analysis, no basic win strike rate stats that are mostly useless, which yields many profitable angles, and I also use sectional times to help me in reading a race. All of these give me angles to exploit, and only when I feel I have a reason that a horse may be under bet, will I price up the race. If the horse is sufficiently bigger than the odds I will recommended a bet. I don’t believe its enough anymore to just price up a race and back the ones that appear to be a good price, without having a reason why your right and the market is wrong.

Can Tipsters be trusted to deliver results?

In short many can’t, there are many scams out there, but you won’t find any of them offering a set profit figure, because they don’t make any profits. You can normally spot the real scams, they advertise their service after a good period with lines like, €10,000 profit in the last month, or this month last year we made €5,000. Nobody should care what they did in just this month before, or just the last month. A tipster should be judged on their overall record, and I intend to proof my tips to the Smart Betting Club, as well as list full results on the website.

Is the price good value?

I think it is very good value, and over the four years of the service I have certainly made far more for my members, than I have made in fees. The fee is my way of getting a bet on with bookmakers and means I get good compensation for all the hours that go into coming up with each days selections, and my members still make a very healthy profit themselves once the target is reached. The advantage of this price instead of a cheaper one, is that my members should have no trouble getting the advised prices, were as free or very cheap services, even if they are good like Hugh Taylor on ATR, suffer from the prices going as soon as the tips go up. He has thousands of followers all trying to get on.

Will it be easy to get the stakes on?

The stakes will be fixed according to the price advised at as follows.

14/1+: 1 point win or each way.                                    11/4 to 10/3: 5 point win

15/2 to 12/1: 2 points win or each way                         9/4 to 5/2: 6 point win

5/1 to 7/1: 3 points win or each way.                       7/4 to 2/1: 7 point win

7/2 to 9/2: 4 point win or each way.                           Under 7/4: 8 point win

As you can see most people with non restricted bookie accounts should have no problem with the stakes. An 11/2 shot, which is the average price my Naps were advised at, will require a stake of €75, while a 16/1 shot will be just €25. Only horses under 7/4 will require a €200 stake. Ideally when I feel a bet has a bigger edge than normal, a bigger bet would be in order, but I’m mindful of the fact not everyone will be able to get the extra amount on, hence the rigid system. An each way bet will only be advised if I also think the win part of the bet is a good bet, there won’t be any each way bets with the sole purpose of taking advantage of what the bookies call bad each way races.

What size betting bank should I have?

The size of your bank depends on your edge and the prices your backing at. As you can see from my stakes above they are set to return around 20 points per bet, which differs form the Nap of the Day, which tend to be to return about 12 points. The reason for the difference is this staking plan allows correct staking at a bigger range of prices. That means 2 points on at 9/1, which returns 20 points, and 4 points at 4/1, which also returns 20. Thus according to the Kelly Criterion for maximizing profits with a 17% edge, a bank of 100 points would be optimum. So you would need a €2,500 bank to stake the recommended €25 a point. I’m confident that the Premium Service will make a 17%+ROI long term, but to be safe I’m going to recommend you have a bank of 140 points at all times.

This means to follow the €25 a point stakes, you would need a bank of €3,500. If you only have a bank of €2,100 then your stake per point would be €15. Its simply current betting bank/140= Stake per point. As your bank increases, so will your stake per point, if your bank drops, and you can’t replenish the funds, then your stake per point should drop too. So if your current betting bank is €3,500 you would stake €75, when I recommend a 3 point bet. If though your bank dropped to €3,000, you would only stake €64.2 on the same 3 point bet. That was got by dividing 3000 by 140 to get 21.42, and that multiplied by the stake of 3 points to get 64.2. Obviously you can round figures to get easier stakes per point. Read my articles on Betting Bank and Bankroll Management, and Staking Plans  – Why Kelly Criterion is better than Level Stakes for further reading.

So even if your bank isn’t big enough for €25 a point, you can still join the service and do very well. Even at €10 a point, you would make €800 if backing all the bets at advised prices, by the time the 80 point profit target has been reached.

How long will it take to reach the profit target?

As always in gambling nothing is certain, and it will vary, but if say we had a 20% ROI, with 15 bets a week at an average price of 6/1, then the average stake would be 3 points, with an average profit of 0.6 points per bet. That would mean a profit of 9 points, or €225 on average per week, so the target would take roughly 9 weeks to hit. If the ROI was higher it would be hit quicker, or if we have more bets with the same ROI. Likewise less bets, and a lower ROI would mean it takes longer to hit the target. The good news is your subscription will not end until we do.

Will the tips be on the flat or over jumps?

Almost all of the tips will be on the flat, and the majority will be for races in the UK, although some will be in Ireland. Apart from my statistical research, I have done detailed research using sectional times, and the effect pace has on performance, and  the all weather meetings during the winter provide many profitable opportunities.

No sharing of the tips

The advice is for your own use and sharing  it wouldn’t be fair on the other members, and I reserve the right to cancel anyone’s membership, if I suspect they are sharing the tips in any form.

If you have any problems, questions or feedback about my Premium Advisory Service you can email me on

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