1. While my long term record is exceptionally good, there is quite a bit of variance in gambling, and short term results will have big fluctuations, and as such Learn Bet Win, or myself Declan Meagher accept no responsibility for any losses incurred from the advice members receive.
  2. There is a strict no betting on any Betting Exchange rule for 30 minutes after a tip is sent. This is to ensure all members get to place their bets with a bookmaker without any drastic price drops due to someone taking under the market price on an exchange. Once an arb has been created the bookmakers will cut a price without even taking a bet, so this rule is for everyone’s benefit.
  3. To ensure members are abiding by Rule 2, I reserve the right to stagger emails by sending some members the tips first. If for any reason the price drops other members may in rare instances either get the bet at a slightly lower price, or not at all, but this will ensure the offending members are removed to the benefit of everyone else. The official results will be the ones send to the majority of members, including the Smart Betting Club who I proof my tips to. Any member who is on the profit target option, will have their profit/loss calculated according to the 5 minute price on the tips they received.
  4. No one member betting to the recommended stakes of €25 a point should have any effect on the market price, and as such any member that causes price drops on their own will be removed from the service.
  5. The advice is for your individual use only, and any passing on of the information is strictly prohibited, and will result in your removal from the service.
  6. Any member I deem to be non compliant with these terms will be removed from the service without refund. I will only remove them when I am confident beyond reasonable doubt, that they are disobeying the terms, but I alone will be responsible for deciding if this is the case.

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